July 8th, 2010 | Edwin Dearborn, Chief Brand Officer

I know. Writer’s block is about as frustrating as it gets. We all need a creativity coaching session once in a while, a spark to trigger a brainstorm of ideas. Inspiration or desperation, feast or famine seems to plaque many a writer and blogger.

Whether you are an professional blogger or staring down at your computer trying to figure out where to start and what to say, we all hit a wall sooner or later. So here is a list of actions that you can take to get your creative juices flowing, or at least some of the frustration alleviated.

1. Stop writing and engage in something else that is creative, such as going to a Flamenco concert, museum or to a local art center. Let the art and creativity of others inspire and ignite your aesthetic mind. Or find another avenue to release your own creativity with photography, painting or whatever floats your boat,

2. Take a walk. A long walk, until you feel refreshed. Look around you and notice things around you. Sometimes you have to stop staring at your computer and get some fresh air. take a full day or weekend if you must.

3. Get rest, eat some good food and load up on some B vitamins. When the mind is tired or depleted your creativity may turn into negativity.

4. Go to church, synagogue, mosque or temple. Divine intervention can lead to creative inspiration. Regardless of your beliefs, engaging in something spiritual can free up negative emotions. The word Enthusiasm comes from the Greek root word entheos, which means “a god within”. Connecting with a higher power just may raise your spirits and ignite some fresh ideas.

5. Get out and talk to people about what matters to them. Do this casually or do a survey. Invite and encourage the views of others and see how you can incorporate their views into new viewpoints of your own.

6. Do something positive for others such as volunteering for a charitable organization. Helping others is rehabilitating and can be inspiring. Plus, you might find things to blog about while helping others overcome their own barriers. Stop concentrating on your own problems and help others overcome theirs.

Let me how it goes and any success you have in using the above tips to overcome any frustration you may be having as a fellow blogger.

image courtesy of esciencenews.com

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