July 11th, 2010 | Edwin Dearborn, Chief Brand Officer

In a matter of hours, Spain and Holland will fight for 90+ minutes to see who is the world champion. As I write, all these players coaches and even fans themselves are looking within trying to divine the gods, develop the right mindset and even forcing themselves to think or chant the right mantras. Setting personal goals is a key element in all sports. Unfortunately, in life and blogging we do not engage in this vital step as often.

Now while most of my fellow blogger denizens will claim that they have a goal in mind when blogging, yet blogging itself cannot really be called a goal in full. Without some type of “This is what I want to accomplish”, the blogger can end up confusing other people and even self. In my years of blogging and reading blogs this seems to be a short, and potentially incomplete list, of blogs that I have come across.

News & Reviews – This is an announcement and serves to inform of something new or noteworthy.

Entertainment – Yes, reading can be entertaining. Blogging is no different than the art of writing a novel, short story or poem. Of course, few have risen to that of art when blogging. This includes self, as it is easy to see that I do not write

The Rant – This is someone going off on something. Can be entertaining, but it usually starts out slightly fun and then gets dark or confusing. Most likely, blogging lets them vent of they keep sipping wine while they are writing. It just gets worse after each sip.

How T0 – This is information to resolve a problem, take advantage of something or some new tool to its full potential or to take advantage of someone else’s success.

Blah, Blah, Blah – You got it. We cannot tell what is being said, much less the point of thier blog post.

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