August 17th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

With SES San Francisco currently taking place comes a series of announcements reflecting new trends in the search engine world. One announcement that retained my attention and confirms one of my earlier posts is the one made by Marine Software. The software company just announced the addition of Facebook to Marine Marketer, a ppc management software allowing to manage PPC ads for Adwords, Overture and Bing.  This move clearly positions Facebook as a major player when it comes to advertising. With Adwords being saturated and slapping marketers like crazy and Overture/Bing representing a minor portion of traffic, the traffic-giant Facebook is your best alternative right now, especially as they offer better targeting abilities than their counterparts. In addition, the Facebook advertising market is still wide open and, unlike Google, Facebook has no issue with marketers and affiliate marketing.  So now is the time to give it a shot, which you can do easily and for cheap (which, as a sidenote, means that there is no need to buy those how-to Facebook advertising blueprints that some “gurus” are selling).

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