November 19th, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

While new Google Apps users will already have access to Google Apps new infrastructure, existing users will be able to switch over with in the next few months.  On top of that they are also changing the names of some older, more familiar apps like the premier and government editions now simply being called Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Government, ect.

Derek Parham, lead software engineer for Google apps, has been disclosing all kinds of information about the powerful abilities of this new infrastructure.  Including how there will be over 60 Google services being offered compared to the limited services from regular use of apps.

With fun new little apps constantly rolling out it is hard to keep up with everything Google is doing right now.  Like the new version of the Google Sky Map that let’s you not only look at the sky in current time but now let’s you travel through time… that’s right, it let’s  you see what the sky looked like at any time of day and year that you would like from 1900 to 2100.  This app is just for the Android and may not very helpful but it is awfully neat.

Google is quickly recovering from any slides in being the ultimate search engine giant with all of these new apps and announcements rolling out left and right, not to mention the mergers and other company buyouts!  One that has really caught my attention, as I am sure it will with everyone else, is the ability to edit Google Docs right from your iPhone, iPad and even the Android devices.  Well honestly this announcement had me at Android!  I get so frustrated on a regular basis when I take a file with me or retrieve one from my phone and I can’t even edit the darn thing.  I can’t even imagine how many times I have thought why the heck they just don’t have an editing app?  Or something…

Well, now they do, or will, with in the next few days.

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