September 10th, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

Ok, so I know this is probably going to be a much discussed topic for at least a little longer then the next cell phone application… Froyo, the Android 2.2 Tablet!

OMG, What?

Since I am the dedicated Android user and seem to love all of Google’s Android platforms, this news is such a tease.  Even though Hugo Barra, Google’s Mobile Products Director, is saying that the Froyo 2.2 Tablet is not really formatted for a tablet due to lack of hardware, I have a feeling this is the slip of yet another fast advancing surprise from Google.  Now I know that tablets are not currently built with GPS devices or cameras but it makes perfect since that they see the tablet as the next big trend.  With the iPad taking a much larger hold then anyone expected and then everyone jumping in on the fun, of course Android’s got to get in on this action too.

In order for the Android to have any competitive edge with this new Tablet craze, they have to start at the bottom just like everyone else.  They have to insure that their technology works perfectly with the third party software their new tablet will need to be able to have access to.  With other people from Google, like their open source and compatibility program manager Dan Morill, stating the pros and cons about why Android’s Froyo 2.2 will and will not be a successful tablet it just makes me really curious.

Does this mean a surprise Android “Froyo” 3.0 Google update anywhere in the near future?

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