September 8th, 2010 | Erica Falke, Designer

So here’s what’s happening. Google has announced the launch of Google Instant today in the US. If you haven’t done a Google search today, DO IT! You’ll see as soon as you type any letter into the search field, predictive technology is being used to predict your search query before you’ve even made it!

Unless you’re at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco right this INSTANT, you have to find these things out by those who ARE there. I’m following Mashable which is always one of the top 3-5 places to get social media news anyway. And just so you know, that Mashable link up there will show you everything that occurred/is occurring at the launch of Google Instant Search today…in case you’re interested.

The whole idea is to speed up your searching and browsing on the internet. And it DOES. You don’t even have to hit ENTER or anything. The whole page changes as you type to give you your search results even before you have time to LOOK at them. It’s kind of surreal actually.

What does this mean for your internet business? Well, people can find you faster, you can find people faster. Pretty much everything that could occur on the internets can now occur faster. At least in theory based on the math.

Thank you Mashable for such thorough notes, and such instant data, it’s almost as if I were there hearing and seeing the launch myself.

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