September 7th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

Those of you using Gmail should be glad to see that Google rolled out a new feature — currently in Beta — that prioritizes your emails. Called the priority inbox this features ranks your emails based on the emails you open, reply to or compose. This should not only help you focus easily on the content that matters the most to you but also stack at the bottom all these unwanted emails that made their way through your spam filter.

Why is it worth mentioning here? First because Gmail is used by lots of internet marketers so this will certainly have a positive impact on your work flow. Second, if you are advertising with Adwords PPC, you might be using a little-know feature that allows to advertise in gmail accounts, based on emails’ content. Well that new priority inbox might increase your click-through and even conversion rates as gmail users will now be more likely than before to read emails that really interest them.

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