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As we all know Google is the giant when it comes to search engines. And when you are the Big boy you put yourself in the sights of anyone with ambition and/or drive to be numero uno.

According to Computerworld Google still reigns supreme at 65.8% of the search market last month . The thing is that Google actually lost .04% of it’s share. Remember this is global and .04% of search traffic is a huge number of people.

Who did they lose it to? If you guessed “Yahoo” you would be absolutely correct.

Bing itself actually made a gain as well in the search market.

Many have pondered if the merger between Bing and Yahoo could, after all these years, offer Google some real competition.

Many think this merger could be the best thing for users of the Internet and Businessmen fighting for a bigger share of the online shopping dollar.

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But Google, the ever expanding giant that it is, continues to expand into new markets and continues to challenge it”s competition with bold in your face actions.

With the iPad Apple has had a complete and total domination on the Tablet pc world. There is nothing out there to compete with it at this point in time.

But HTC partnered with Google for it’s Chrome OS and partnered with Verizon as the carrier are planning the the release of what they hope to be the iPad killer in just a few short weeks.

The buzz is all about the incredible ( no pun intended) timing being planned by HTC , the release is planned for Black Friday, just in the St.Nick of time for the Holidays.

There is even talk that the device may actually be offered “free” with a service commitment from Verizon.

Google once again is at the center of an awesome launch. Partnered with HTC and Verizon this launch could bring about a challenge of real proportions for Apple, especially if the strategy of making the Tablet available for no cost with a contract is implemented. That would simply enable the flood gates to be opened on a planet wide push to overtake the Tablet Niche by Google and it’s partners.

I can’t wait to see how Apple will respond .

Any comments about this?

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Publish Date: 08/18/2010 11:21

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