August 8th, 2010 | Edwin Dearborn, Chief Brand Officer

We used to teach the basics in school, and kids could read. This was referred to as the “Three R’s.” But due to the philosophical influence of educator John Dewey, emphasis shifted from education to behaviour. And what we now have is a nation with a growing number of students who are simply passing because standards are being systematically reduced almost annually to cover up the “dumbing down” of our great nation.

This cultural aberration has now spread insidiously into the business world as many a small business owner and entrepreneur have never truly become enlightened and competent on the three R’s of internet business strategies. Contained here is some simple search engine optimization (SEO) advice that will help your website and company blog reach more people. By publishing relative content that can be readily found,  you will be positioning yourself as a though leader or at least a trusted source for information and assistance.

These are:

  1. Reach
  2. Reality
  3. ROI

Reach – This is simply how far and how wide your message can reach. In other words, we are talking about the sheer quantitative factor of how many eye balls actually your message passes in front of. Some companies become rich and build their wealth for no other reason than the fact that they reach a ton of people. Their quality may even be questionable, and in fact even destructive. Coke is not good for you, but yet tens of millions of cases of it of purchased worldwide each and every year.

When it comes to marketing, size matters. Whether that is measured in the size of your email list, number of dedicated fans, how many serious users of the product or how ever you measure it, what we are talking about is how many people you can reach, how fast and how often. Good businesses go about amassing readership, members, fans, followers, contacts or even paid insiders at any cost. Consistent effort must be exserted to amass and retain reliable and willing contacts.

This is why your company should be on a constant effort to build followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS feeds, emails, mailing lists, PR contacts, etc. Build an ever-growing network of people to distribute content and information to so that you dominate your market share.

Reality – To fully relate and communicate you must offer something that is of real value. In other words, what your reader, subscriber or potential client considers important. Call it linkbaiting, public relations, content publishing, offering quality web content, or simply offering great information that people find really valuable. Semantics is unimportant as there are so many buzz words floating around to basically describe what we call “important and relative” to the consumer or reader. If those whom you are communicating with via your newsletter, company blog, video or any medium, and they find it within their realm of reality and values, they will let you become a part of their lives.

When it comes to social media, thus marketing fundamental still holds true. Concurrent to building the sheer size of your contacts, you have to start providing information that people need and want, as well as find entertaining and even bizarre. There is so much information out there, that all you need to do is offer your content that is either simple, informative, applicable, relative or even warm and memorable.  This can be done through a blog, a video, press release or what have you. You need to give people something of substance, something that they consider important with their reality.

ROI – This is what it is all about, eventually. Marketing genius and author, Sergio Zyman, said it best. Marketing has a purpose and that is to sell more things to more people, more often, for more money and doing it more efficiently. Marketing is about getting a response. Nothing is more aggravating than getting little or no response. Moreover, you can only throw good money and bad marketing for a short time before you are BK’ed.

The most common mistake in sales is to ask for the sale. You never get the close you do not ask for. Another common mistake is to make the sale difficult. There are so many ways to accomplish getting in your own way that there could be a book called, “The 10,001 Ways to Stop Your Own Sales.”

Simply questions and problems to attend to:

  • Do you use Power Verbs to urge people to purchase NOW?
  • Do you offer an incentive or discount to act immediately?
  • Is there a 1-800 number for people to call?
  • Can we find your phone number? (Put it on the top right hand corner and make it real big)
  • Is there 5 different ways to reach you?
  • Do you offer customer reviews?

When it comes to your Three R’s of internet business strategies, get educated and thus get ahead of the class. Or at least hire yourself a great tutor!

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