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Many people I encounter don’t even know about the subject of Internet Neutrality. And It is a big issue, especially if you are a business owner. Internet neutrality or “Net” Neutrality for short is the subject dealing with how the Internet is shared or used by all.

The basic concept is that the Internet is a public channel available to everyone, business owner, online Marketer and consumer alike to use on an equal footing. This would mean that a large corporation would not get more access or better access or faster service than anyone else.

But there are those that want to “own” a bigger piece of the pie and that aren’t satisfied “sharing” with everyone else.There are large corporations right now that want to make Internet usage based on money. In other words they want the bandwidth that is there now for all to use to be given to the highest bidder and the heck with the rest of them !

As you can see this would mean the death of small businesses all over the world and open the door to complete commercial dominance by a few very deep pocketed Corporations.

I suggest that as an Internet Marketing business owner you start to understand and get involved in Net Neutrality. That is ,if you want to keep your business alive !

Net Neutrality

Marvin Ammori: About the Verizon/Google Deal on Net Neutrality Yesterday Bloomberg reported that Verizon and Google have made a deal on network neutrality policy they’d like to see in American. That deal (surprise!

Publish Date: 08/05/2010 11:04

Google Won’t Violate Net Neutrality If It Can Redefine It First

Once bitter opponents in the net neutrality debate, Google and Verizon reportedly are now allies in a joint proposal they hope will be a model for network neutrality legislation. Sources tell the New York Times and others that the two …

Publish Date: 08/05/2010 6:56

Google, Verizon Deny NYT Story On Their Undermining Of Net Neutrality – by @jasonkincaid

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Loaded: Google, Verizon in tiered-Net traffic talks

Google is shutting down its real-time messaging system known as Google Wave, the iPhone dev team releases a carrier unlock for jailbroken iPhones, and Google and Verizon are apparently near a deal to pay for tiered Web traffic in a blow to Net neutra…

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