December 3rd, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

Ok, so I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Star Wars fan BUT was born and raised a Trekkie!

I have also envisioned asking my cell phone questions and having it answer me as if it were some type of weird artificial intelligence with perfect speech or something.  As a tech nerd I am sure many out there can relate with these type of day dreams.

Now Google seems to be taking steps even further to make this “day dream” into our actual reality.  Well maybe not the AI part but the part about perfect speech.  I am sure that artificial intelligence will be the next eventual step for these voice type of companies.

So with Google acquiring the UK based company, Phonetic Arts just this morning, they are now on the fast track to improve their existing voice services.  From entering in Captcha off of a voice verification or just using your regular mobile voice commands, we will now start to see these services come to life.  So instead of getting frustrated by the current voice verification and commands getting everything wrong and not being clear, we may start to feel a sigh of relief with this irritation quickly becoming an issue of the past.

Talk about hands free, maybe we will even get our e-mails, messages, status and results delivered to us by speech.  Which means on the road, while traveling or while working and multitasking.  Gosh, can we have this now?

I wonder if this means the next step in mobile marketing will be voice e-mails instead of stupid flash, pop up, or robotic sounding  messages.  Hmmm… not sure which is better.  I guess we will see.