October 18th, 2010 | Carlos Gamez, Business Development

The debate is on and many businesses are finding it necessary to formulate policies to monitor and control the rampant use of social media websites during the work day.

Part of the issue is whether or not employees are using social media sites to enhance the company or are they on these sites wasting time and costing the company money in lost production.

Is the solution to block the sites? Can you get around all the “get arounds” your employees use to figure out how to post on FB anyway?

Is it worth the hassle?

I don’t see how it is possible to stop people using Social Media sites like FB or twitter.It just isn’t a realistic goal.

But I do see urging your employees to talk about your company in a positive light. to shed some light on your products and services. share their positive experiences while at the workplace.

Every one has stock in how successful your company s and your employees only have a job as long as your company stays productive and gives the public what they are looking for.

Every employee has the responsibility to see that the company grows.

Have your employees promote your business enthusiastically through stories and experiences that shed a positive image.

Did you have a company lunch or outing lately?  Did one of your clients contact you to share a benefit the received using your services?

Did one of your managers go around and pat everyone on the back for doing a good job, making everyone feel good?

These are the types of communication that day after day creates a strong positive image of your company to the millions online!

What better method of business growth is there other than word of mouth?

There isn’t any… So create it.

Also you need to have policies in effect for those that abuse the use of company time (they are getting paid to WORK) computers are easy to monitor as to time spent on certain websites. Do routine inspections. It will be easy to see who thinks being on FB all day is why they get a pay check.

Be smart use social media don’t wonder about it!

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