July 12th, 2010 | Edwin Dearborn, Chief Brand Officer

The internet is much bigger than you think. It is an expansive universe that grows endlessly, yet only weighs as much as your laptop, iPhone or blackberry.

Recently, I read a blog post from bestselling author Grant Cardone, that articulated what I have been trying to teach people in Orange County, CA for almost a year. Grant is a powerful speaker who can say so much in a few words. He has the ability to grasp important issues and encapsulate them in just the right amount of words to get across a meaningful message.

Of all that Grant commented on in this post, one observation struck me very simply and inspired me enough to write my own blog post. And that is the internet is way bigger than you imagine. Why do I feel that this is significant? Most small and medium business owners of course have engaged in internet marketing to a greater or lesser degree. But having worked with hundreds of them in a short period of time, few have grasped its size and power. I do not just mean how big it is in relationship to all else. I am speaking about the potential to transform their business to where it is to where it could be.

The real problem is that most people think too small. So, of course, they miss the sheer size and potential of anything important or significant. Try talking to a starving man about building a BBQ pit and then cooking a feast. It’s too big, or it would take to long. His sheer lack of food has cut down his expectancy and thus his ability to create the future.This is the case with those who have experienced economic suppression or simply made bad decisions with their money.

As a small business owner, or one who a business of any size, the first universe to address is your own expectancy of what you want and where you want to take your dreams and goals. Bad economic news, the credit crunch and a general malaise and apathy amongst the general small business public has to be rendered inactive. One has to start demanding that one study and engage in those actions that are followed by successful individuals and businesses. Grant Cardone is definitely one of them. But there are others as well. One simply has to look, ask, learn and then develop a plan and then implement.

The internet is huge and so its potential to shape and expand your economic development towards affluent times.

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