July 14th, 2010 | Carlos Gamez, Business Development

Microsoft is after Apple…Apple is after Google…and Google is going after the world!

The world is changing “technologically” right before our eyes and this means opportunity for you and your business.

I saw yesterday a brilliant man extremely successful and extremely influential in his area of expertise make a pointed statement against those in the Internet Marketing field.

His statement was that the Internet wasn’t a technology medium, but a people medium.

Well, duh! Of course it is a people media that is what all of life is about.

But I will counter that with out technology and the ability to use it, predict future trends and the skill needed to work with the ever changing and evolving technology of the Internet, your ability to reach millions of people at any given time would be very quickly be reduced to going to mixers and getting your message out to 20 people at a time.

Ok, enough with run on sentences and berating Mixers. Mixers are a viable and fantastic way to meet people. The point is that without technology and knowledgeable people to manage it for you, your effectiveness would be zilcho friendo.

Which brings me to my point: The Mobile Marketing Arena.

Why are the big boys all at each others throats fighting for position and market share? There are many reasons but lets take a quick look at just one aspect of this.

Google has just made available the new Google App Inventor for Android. This means my friend that you and I can now create apps ourselves for the android phones that we use.

Here are some business ideas:

For a restaurant–how about an app that lets your customers place to go orders right from their phones!

How about an app that lets your customers pay their monthly bills from their mobile device?  How about car payments? Rent payments?

How about an app that lets them schedule a Dental appointment on the go…Or a hair appointment?

How about an app that lets your clients track the progress of their custom order right from their phones?

Now let’s bring this back home now and take it out of the business realm for a sec.

How about an app that takes your recorded notes and places then directly into your calendar.

How about an app that automatically tells you where your kids are physically located (right now) using GPS.

Do  not believe those that tell you technology is nothing and that you don’t need people to help you with it.  It is a silly notion.

At McIntosh Marketing we can help you take advantage of the mobile  phenomenon and boom your business.

Let’s get creative and make a difference now!

Article by Carlos Gamez
Director of Business Development

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