September 2nd, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

Google and AOL have officially renewed their search and advertising partnership, leaving Microsoft slightly confused.  You see, Microsoft was thought to be in the running to take over on this partnership with it’s updated adCenter platform and built up Bing brand.  So while most people assumed they were gearing up for this very same merger they seemed to forget, Google has something Microsoft doesn’t… YouTube!  AOL will still be able to use Google’s paid for and natural search engine power in exchange for shares in their ad revenue.  Partnered since 2002, Google and AOL have agreed to remain search partners for the next five years and to sweeten the deal, AOL will now be contributing more video content on YouTube.

AOL’s chairman and CEO, Tim Armstrong, said the deal is “another important step in the turnaround of AOL”.  Declaring further victory to AOL’s troubled online web portal he also states, “AOL users will be getting a better search and search ads experience from the best search company in the world: Google!”.  Google will be able to give the stability AOL needs by powering not only their search engine but also their mobile properties.  With AOL’s shares in search pulling less then 3% nationwide back in July, per comScore, they do have their own dedicated users that seem to be more prone than anyone else to click on search ads.  Though the details on the shared revenue will not be released it is clear to see the benefit on both sides.  Google will largely benefit from the high quality content that AOL provides and has the power to revive AOL, which they truly need.

With AOL splitting from Time Warner Cable in December of last year, they are now open to focus more on their passion for journalism and furthering their mobile content platforms and applications.  They have since introduced the app and portal for the Smartphone.  One of the best parts is now Google’s Android OS can access AOL sites like AOL Mail, MapQuest and Engadget.  I hope you guys enjoy another advance in mobile technology and since I’m an Android lover, I know I will!   ; )