July 9th, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

Twitter tips anyone?  So I have been trying to crack the code of how to get more followers on Twitter and in my attempt have noticed some helpful tips.  Now before I get ahead of myself I want to clarify one thing, Twitter should not be used to replace other social networks as it has it’s pros and cons just like all the rest.  Used additionally to your current make up of social media networks is where you will really start to see the benefit.

Now back to my top 10 Twitter tips:

  1. First off take the time to customize your account so everyone will know who you are and what you like to do.  By choosing a back round and filling out your profile and bio readers will be able to tell if they can relate to you by your interests.  This really helps people decide to follow you once you start following them based simply of knowing you are a real person and may have something in common with them.
  2. Follow people that may be interested in your service or product announcements that you use Twitter for.  So let’s just say, if you sell pool supplies then following a person selling phone accessories may not be the best idea.  Now if you notice they have a Tweet about anything swimming related then it is now worth it to follow them.
  3. Come up with interesting posts in between your marketing/advertising ones.  Don’t just post that you are going to the store or you just broke a nail but try and relate to everyone like state a great deal you got at the store or tell where you are going to go to fix your nail.  This makes it so you are not being overly promotional for your own business because you are sharing deals, specials and tips from other business’s as well.
  4. Take advantage of over 180 free widgets, counters, badges and Twitter buttons that Twitter has to offer to help you obtain more and more followers by being noticed.  These options can spice up the follow me links on your website and can also be used on your blogs and any other social media accounts you may have.
  5. Stay connected with your BlackBerry by using Twitter applications like Twitter Berry and Tiny Twitter.
  6. Get more followers by getting in on their conversations with some insightful tweets or positive comments.  Be specific and people will know you are actually following along and will be more likely to follow you as well.  Use all of your social networks, outgoing e-mails and even business cards or fliers to mention that you are on Twitter with more tips and advice.  Tweet on a regular basis and during business hours but make sure that most of your tweets are useful and not just random or you may actually risk loosing existing followers.
  7. NEVER SPAM!!!  You will loose tons of followers this way and may even get banned.  If you want to get people in on your conversations don’t send them spam type of tweets, try sending them a question about something they recently brought up, this is a good way to get in on a conversation with lot’s of followers already instead of trying to create one.
  8. Make sure to get a Re Tweet button for your company and or personal blog.  You can do this by using a simple WordPress plug in or a Javascript code in your blogs actual template.
  9. Use everything that Twitter has to offer such as  Tweetdeck, Twhirl, Twitter Tools, Tweetburner, Group Tweet, Twittercal, Twitter Timer, Tweetbeep, Qwitter and Tweet Later.  These are all Twitter applications that allow you to do things like see who is following you, tweeting now and have stopped following you as well as select certain groups for certain tweets to cut down on spam, shorten links and even turn your blog post titles into tweets!  Some of them are really cool and can be used with you e-mail to automatically thank someone for the follow and remind you to post or even schedule future posts you have already written.  Check out these neat applications I mentioned to fully optimize your Twitter Account.
  10. Last, an old tact used by everyone, word of mouth.  Everyone you encounter, whether it be business related or not, you should tell about the tips, advice and special offers you post on Twitter.  That way the person you are speaking with will not feel obligated to opt in on your website or even follow you on Twitter but now they know you are there!  Once they see your informative quality tweets they will not only follow you but may even re post your tweets… if they are good enough!
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