July 9th, 2010 | Carlos Gamez, Business Development

A few years ago Bill McIntosh and the rest of our team at McIntosh Marketing were having a meeting and Bill was talking about the this new concept in Internet Marketing. It was called Social Media.

We all said “Social Media?”

Bill said “Yes! Social Media!”

He went on to explain it and talk about how in a few years Social Media would totally dominate the use of the Internet.

With Facebook having over 400,000,000 users I think he was right . Social Media or Social networking has become the a dominating power on the Internet.

I think you might agree with me .


There is a new Kid on the block that promises to be just as popular if not more so! And this new technology has powerful implications for the business owner.

What I am talking about is Mobile Marketing. And you have seen a very small part of it in use with out even really connecting the dots. American Idol for instance, the various Haitian relief funds, and many other organizations have been using a very powerful method of mobile marketing. You have seen it .

They ask you to text to a special number to vote or to donate .  Example: “Text 45XX2 to vote for Billy” or “Text 66xxx5 to donate $10 to…” .

Translate this to your business and you can start to get an idea how this can completely change the depth and breadth of your marketing efforts.

Imagine a potential customer finds your restaurant on his cell phone. (We are assuming that you have made your website mobile friendly,if not YIKES!).  He is looking at your restaurant and 2 others in your immediate area. He clicks on yours to see what you are all about and he see’s this message” text 23xx4 to get a  $5.00 Coupon!”

What do you think he is going to do?

Do you have to worry about the competition…What competition?

Mobile Marketing is the next evolution on the Internet. Those that were smart about Social Media are reaping the rewards hand over fist right now.

There are many who still do not get it I know hard to believe but true . They are missing  out on bucket loads of cash from potential customers and don’t even know it.

Don’t let the sane thing happen to you because you “Wait to see what this mobile marketing is all about.”

We can help you at McIntosh Marketing.

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Article by Carlos Gamez
Business Development Manager

Image by: Internets Dairy

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