July 27th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

With Google having slapped a lot of Adwords account lately, online marketers are now looking for new avenues to promote their websites or products. Of course, Yahoo’s Overture and MSN’s Bing are usually the first options that come to mind but because their pay per click advertising business model is similar to Adword’s, it is preferable to explore new advertising options.

The 2 advertising platforms that are currently on the rise are Facebook and LinkedIn. Since they are pretty new, they are not saturated with advertisers yet, which might give you the first mover advantage, depending on your industry and niche. In addition, since they aren’t very competitive yet, the advertising costs are so far pretty low, thus affordable to everybody.

Which one should you choose? Well, it mostly depends on your target market.

Facebook, as you may already know, is now a leading online presence, with huge traffic, but it is mostly populated with the 20 to 40 year old crowd. One of the big advantage of their platform is that you can target your audience very precisely, whether it’s in terms of demographics, personal tastes, etc …

On the other hand, LinkedIn focuses on professionals, which will allow you to reach a wealthier and more educated audience. This is, asĀ  a result, a great marketplace for higher-end products.

As you can see, Facebook and LinkedIn cater to different markets, allowing to reach a wide spectrum of potential buyers, thus providing a cost-effective alternative to the saturated Adwords and Overture platforms.

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