August 31st, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

While just a week ago, I was mentioning how Yahoo had completed the transition of its search engine platform to MSN’s Bing, here comes the transition process for their paid platform, earlier than what was anticipated. As of today, whenever you login to your Overture account, you will be offered the opportunity to transition your account right away to MSN’s Adcenter.

I actually did transfer one of our account and it is pretty smooth. Here is how it works. First you have the option to transfer to a current MSN account or to create a new one. Then all you have to do is to initiate the transfer by entering your Adcenter login info. The transfer will take less than a minute. Once it’s done, they offer you to download a spreadsheet of elements that were not compatible or to fix them right away with their wizard. Just use the wizard as you all you will mostly have to is reducing the length of a couple ads. And you’re all set!

Also, in case you are wondering, transferring your account doesn’t mean they will delete the data of your Overture Pay-per-click account right away. You will still be able to look at your historical data in your Overture account if you need.

Should you initiate the transition to MSN right away or should you wait until it becomes mandatory? Well, it’s up to you but I would suggest to do it  now as it will allow you to experiment with MSN’s pay per click management and be ahead of  everybody when the transition will be completed.

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