October 19th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

Google just renamed its Google Suggest instant functionality Google Autocomplete. While this is far from being a groundbreaking announcement, I just wanted to take that opportunity to warn you about an issue occurring with Autocomplete.

Because it is based on searches and algorithms that you cannot control, you might want to check, if you haven’t done so yet, what Google suggests when you type the name of your website in the search field. It is particularly important if you deal directly with customers, as in some cases, rants from customers, competitors or ex-employees can result in negative Autocomplete suggestions, even if they are not true – actually, if you follow online news, the French high court just condemned Google in a case where Autocomplete was offering offensive suggestions for some organization and individual.

So make sure to check what Google Autocomplete suggests for you and if it’s not that good, you will have to work on your SEO to change this.

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