September 16th, 2010 | Carlos Gamez, Business Development

This alliance has already made a hefty footprint in the search category with a huge 25% share of the search market. What else can this alliance mean ?

Can Bing really give Google a run for it’s money?

I don’t know if Bing has enough force behind it to actually challenge Google’s supremacy but it is certain that the Bing Yahoo alliance is a force to reckon with, a force that has become very important at least to those involved in marketing their businesses online.

A couple of new features to be released dealing with analytics and conversion tracking make Bing, more accurately Microsoft Adcenter, a much more valuable service.

The new features will allow one to gather information related to age, geographic location and gender while providing better data o conversion rates, ROI regarding visitors,and even the various behavior patterns exhibited by visitors to ones website.

With enhanced tools for marketers and increasing search volume, Bing/ yahoo, is surely becoming a very important part of business and will only continue to grow in value for today’s marketers.

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Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance – Advertise on Yahoo! Search, Bing & adCenter

Explains how Yahoo! & Microsoft are working towards an easier way to advertise on Yahoo! Search & Bing through Microsoft adCenter.

Article by Carlos Gzmez

Image by: Andy Rob

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