August 24th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

Yahoo just announced today in its blog that the transition of its organic results to the MSN/Bing platform is now complete. This means that, as of today, the Yahoo search engine results are getting powered by MSN’s Bing so you will get similar rankings in both search engines. This should make your search engine optimization effort easier since you will only have to focus on Google and MSN/Yahoo instead of 3 search engines.

If you read my earlier posts, you might remember I was recommending to wait until the transition was done before trying to optimize your site … well now is the time to work on your new search engine optimization strategy. At first sight, you can see that PPC ads are kind of blending in organic results. The other major factor, which isn’t a surprise, is that domain names have more ranking power as they have with Google, which might somewhat jump-start the keyword-focused domain buying frenzy.

You will also see some useful tools and suggestions on the left-side navigation, including a notepad, a search-scan, links to and additional related Yahoo properties. Some sponsored sites seem to be featured there occasionally as well. Finally, since the transition is now finalized, you shouldn’t see any fluctuation in traffic anymore while your number of accounted backlinks should stabilize as well.

Now your next step should be to go check the new Yahoo rankings for your main and long-tail keywords, see how it might affect your business and what actions you should take. As for the PPC transition of Overture to MSN’s Ad center, you still have time as it should be rolling later on, during the Fall.

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