September 4th, 2010 | Lance, SEO Expert

The Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance is upon us.  Microsoft’s Bing search engine now powers all search results on Yahoo. And very soon, the advertising will be moved over as well.

What does this mean for you and your business? Honestly, not very much right now. Google still has over 80% of the market share for all searches done on the internet. Combining Yahoo and Bing gives Microsoft about a 13% share. It is great news that there is increasing competition by Microsoft, and while the numbers are still low, Microsoft is moving up while Google is moving down.  I expect that within a few years, Microsoft may be able to wrestle about 25% of the market, and that WILL be quite significant.

It is important to start focusing some of your efforts towards learning about Bing and how their algorithm is different from Google’s.  One key factor in Bing’s ranking is the domain itself.  Having your primary keywords in your url is huge for ranking on Bing. On that same note, using keywords in your page names is also important, as well as you Title tags and of course the actual body of your website. If you think of Bing as Google from about 5 years ago, you’ll be on the right track.  I expect as Bing grows, so will it’s ranking system and a lot of those old “tricks” will fade away as they did with Google, but for now you should be using them to your fullest advantage.

One last thing to note: Search engine basics, like keyword selection, proper link building, and providing useful content will always work across any search engine. The most important thing you can focus on when it comes to your website is providing what the end user will need. As search engines get smarter, they learn to understand more and more and the better your site is for the user, the better it will be for a search engine. Just make sure that you build your site to be search engine friendly. Keep the code as clean as possible, use your keywords in the right places (like title tags, titles of pages or posts, etc.) and keep it as simple as you can.

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