October 23rd, 2010 | Lance, SEO Expert

Yahoo just launched a mobile version of their Answers platform which got me thinking about how you can use this tool to help promote your business and your expertise.  A simple thought is to go to the site and answer people’s questions, thus providing value and demonstrating that you know what you are doing. You have a profile and can link to your website, which not only gives value to your website, but gives value to your business.  A better idea though, would be to look for a question someone has submitted related to your business and write a blog post about it and then link to your blog post as the answer to the person’s question.

Now, with Yahoo Answers being mobile, you can not only help promote your website, but you can do it on the go! You can log in to your account, answer questions, look for new questions to answer, or ask your own questions.  All of these provide excellent opportunities to showcase your knowledge and promote your website.

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