July 21st, 2010 | Edwin Dearborn, Chief Brand Officer

In a recent Orange County Register article, it seems that California leads in business innovation, but it also sadly leads in unfriendliness towards businesses. When it comes to innovation, California ranks number one. Conversely, when it comes to business friendliness, we rank forty-nine. It seems that the greatest and most creative minds receive the biggest drubbing.

Here lies the key to turning the economy around. We need to locate why the most state with the most innovative spirit, which happens to drive the majority of the country’s economy as a leader, and remove the sources of their oppression. Innovation leads to excitement, which then leads to investment and new jobs. And new jobs seems to be the political mantra right now, due to a restless populace who is getting more and more vocal about this vital issue.

While the Obama Administration is suffering from low approval ratings, action has yet to take place to assist the most innovative state with incentives to innovate. And where exactly is this suppression coming from: Bureaucracy and lawyers. In other words, the very legal fat cats that are trying to resolve the problem are generating the problem.

And the stats tell the tale. More and more businesses are high tailing out of the Golden State as more of their gold is being taxed and regulated. It is getting so oppressive that the cost of moving and interrupting an entire company is cheaper than staying put. And so the state loses even more revenue due to their own litigation and pandering to a legal system that is bleeding business innovators faster than victims in the movie “Jaws.”

Innovation is the very human faculty that resolves problems. When the California bureuacrats realize this and then quickly act to take their foot off of it, and then incentivize and reward the execercising of it, the state of California’s economy will summarily turn around for the better. This is the solution to more jobs.

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