September 30th, 2010 | Carlos Gamez, Business Development

I spent a good part of my day yesterday speaking with small business owners in my community of Orange Ca.

I conversed with people in many different fields, Chiropractic, auto repair, auto and personal insurance services and home improvement.

The common denominators of the group was their certainty that the recession was seriously affecting their businesses and that online marketing wasn’t everything it was touted to be.

Most had previous “bad” results using the internet to do marketing.

Knowing, of course that Online Marketing works and works extremely especially for small local business I found the conviction with which these business owners were speaking simply amazing.

I was able to re-open the door to some of them based on solid reasoning, but still it bothers me that there are people out there selling themselves as Online Marketing Experts that obviously do not know what they are doing.

It is a crime really as they not only have taken someone’s hard earned pay and wasted it delivering nothing in return, but, they have left their victims with a belief that Online Marketing,wildly effective as it is, doesn’t work. That ruins that persons Marketing plans for his entire future!

I was speaking with my friend Bill McIntosh about this and he was vehement about the subject. He told me that the biggest issue is that the average business owner simply doesn’t have time enough in the day to learn enough about the subject to know when he is being sold a bill of goods.

And the typical “Online Marketing ” person really doesn’t t have a full understanding of what it takes really to deliver an effective and successful marketing campaign. Typically they know how to do 1 or 2 things relatively well.  But they are missing knowledge of or a thorough understanding of all the rest of the actions that must be taken for a legitimate long term successful Internet Marketing campaign.

The sad thing is that they think they know what they are doing !
That is the most dangerous person there is, the person that thinks he knows. He is dangerous because he never questions his methods .He simply “knows” they work even when they are failing and damaging his clients. And because of that he fails and takes his clients with him!

Online Marketing for Small Business works amazingly well…When it is done right !

If you have had bad results then it wasn’t done correctly, or the appropriate actions just weren’t taken at all. Don’t stop doing Online marketing, find some one that knows what they are doing and  you will be very surprised.

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Article by Carlos Gamez

Image from Orange County Archives

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