September 28th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

Those of you that are using social boomarks, whether it’s for personal use or social marketing purpose, were most likely familiar with Xmarks, the popular bookmark sync service that attempted at being a search engine based on its users’ bookmarks.  Well as of January 2011, Xmarks will shut down, having failed to – financially – capitalize on its success.

The end of Xmarks seems to underline the decline of bookmarking, which was all the rage a couple years ago.  While there are still plenty of players in that market, lots of them have come and gone pretty quickly, especially as Google has diminished the impact of bookmarking in search results, often assimilating the use of bookmarks as spammy techniques.

So if you are using bookmarking for yourself, there isn’t anything to worry but if you are a marketer using bookmarks as a marketing tool, this announcement should confirm that you shouldn’t consider bookmarking as a major component of your strategy but rather a part of your backlinking strategy.

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