July 20th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

Google just announced it acquired Metaweb. Metaweb is a huge database offering a wide source of content that can be delivered to websites through a platform – according to their website they have “information on over 11 million things, including movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations, companies and more”.

With the google integration, it now means that, depending on the question you might type in Google’s search field, you might now get the answer directly, at the top of the page.

I was just testing it and not only Google gives you the answer but also offers links to the websites from which it pulls the answer. While we should wait and see until this is fully in process, this new feature might turn out to be a source of great bonus traffic for some content site getting listed by Metaweb. Because Metaweb aimsĀ  at making the Web smarter, this is another indication that Google will keep prioritizing great content in the serps. So if you are wondering if it is worth to develop content for your site, as part of your SEO effort, the answer is yes as it is an investment that will be definitely be paying off.

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