July 20th, 2010 | Erica Falke, Designer

We all use social media for personal and business use. And since Obama’s utilization of social media in his campaign last year, many if not ALL candidates for offices at any level have been using social networking sites to promote their campaigns, their viewpoints, and to create an air of “transparency”.

As long as politics have existed, propaganda has existed, and very aggressive attempts to undermine one politician or another has also existed. That is not new. But the media used to disseminate slander has now changed.

So how would one keep this honest and ethical? How can a candidate control the slanderous statements of an opposing candidate?

Well, The State of Maryland has decided to implement some social media regulations for those running for office. And in today’s hearing, the Maryland General Assembly’s joint committee on administrative, executive and legislative review voted 11 to 1 in favor of these regulations.

From now on, candidates must include an authority line on any social networking site they are using for their campaign.

According to the VP of Public Policy for AOL, Maryland will “absolutely be a model” for state social media policies.

Let’s see what other states do now…

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