October 5th, 2010 | Fred Thom, PPC Expert

With Microsoft and Mozilla coming up with new versions of their browsers pretty soon, it looks like the browsing competition is fiercest than ever. The IE9 beta version has been breaking records when it comes to beta downloads, which seems to translate a global dissatisfaction when it comes to browsing experience.

As of September 2010, the navigator market looks like this: With 59.65% of the market, IE is the undeniable champion; while it is one of the oldest navigators you should also keep into consideration that lots of computers come loaded with IE – so it doesn’t mean that people love IE the most as most web users don’t know better. Firefox, which comes second with 22.96%, has been a nerd and internet marketer fave for a while, thanks to its customization abilities. Google’s Chrome comes third with 7.98%, rising slowly while Safari and Opera come fourth and fifth with, respectively, 7.98% and 5.27%, Safari benefiting from being the Iphone’s browser of choice.

Why is it important to us? Well for all of us working on the web, browsing speed and efficiency are essential so you need to pick your browser wisely to maximize your experience. While Firefox became a hit with marketers and programmers alike, because of its tab system, it has lost some of its edge since tabs have been integrated by its competitors and, more importantly, because it is too heavy and has been crashing too often lately. As a result people like me have been switching to Chrome, which doesn’t look as fancy as other browsers but is fast and effective, which is what matters the most.

Now that IE9 and the new firefox are coming, you might wanna try them as well to see what works best for you and, if you own websites, you should also make sure to have several of these browsers to test the look and feel of your sites accross all the navigators.

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