McIntosh Marketing’s mission is to build and market the best and most cost effective online presence for your business. It is our goal to make your website frequently visited by qualified people. People who will purchase your services and/or products. Your website much more than and electronic brochure, but an actual online lead generator and sales closer. Your company’s or personal website will become part of the process of the first impression your customers (and potential customers) see of your company. Needless to say, the quality of your online presence is of vital importance. A website is not only your online presence and informational communication channel, but it also an extension of every aspect of your company. We believe that your site could become your top salesperson. Your web site is your on-line storefront, your communicator, and the best way to make your company work as effectively as possible. McIntosh Marketing’s priority is making sure your website generates a whole new generation of referrals, sales and high profits!

History of Company

Established in 1998, McIntosh Marketing is one of the leading and oldest website marketing consultancies. We specialize in website marketing, search engine optimization, online lead generation, PPC (pay-per-click) management, driving traffic to your website, increasing sales via ecommerce, content management systems, and general website design. Its vision and future are driven by its CEO, Bill McIntosh, who has caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of YouTube visitors around the globe for his innovative practices that has helped to earn his clientele millions in sales. McIntosh Marketing has built over 1,000 web sites and blogs, and continued to educate the global on-line community on how to excel their sales from internet marketing. Anyone can make your website pretty with great graphics or functional with skilled programming. McIntosh Marketing will increase your sales and profits. Our expertise will place into your sales arsenal a great looking website that works!