What is Product Feed Promotion?

I get that question a lot.

Imagine how much more business you could generate if the products in your online store or shopping cart could also be simultaneously displayed on across the web in places such as : Google Product search, Shopzilla, Shop.com,  Bing cashback and many many other websites targeted by customers ready to buy.

Well you can !  By using product feed technology you instantly harness the power of the internet and make it possible to “feed” your entire product catalog to thousands of customers that would have never visited your website.

When this is done correctly it is even possible that your products will actually show up on Google’s first page .

That is powerful technology that can increase your profits in a giant way.

Using the power of Product Feed technology and proven keyword and SEO principles, McIntosh Marketing researches, does the labor intensive and detailed set ups and distributes the products in your shopping cart across the web to all possible shopping destinations.

This increases the amount of eyes actually looking at your products by the hundreds or thousands, possibly even the tens of thousands and increases your sales and profits to realms you have never known.

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