Market Research and Keyword Discovery

When you start, you’ll be assigned an account manager who will contact you and help you fill out our new customer questionnaire. We’ll use all this information to analyze exactly what your competitors are doing and research the correct keyword phrases we should be focusing on to get your search engine listings and website traffic.

Blog Marketing

We’ll perform very specific blog marketing services that are designed to get you a ton of incoming links and search engine rankings for your site. This work involves lots of hands on research and manual submission of your blog to over 200 different websites. We’ll also be searching out and getting you incoming links from other blogs who have targeted information related to your products or services.

Website Directory Submissions

There are thousands of website directories we need to get your site listed in. Overly automated software tools that try to accomplish this can get your site penalized by the search engines. Our experienced team do their work by hand, and spread the work over weeks and months.

Local Marketing

If you are a local business we’ll perform extensive local marketing services that involve some pretty technical programming, research and manual submission to more than 53 different websites. This will ensure you are getting traffic from your local market and for your local keyword phrases in the search engines.

Social Networking and Social Marketing

We have a list of about 50 websites like, and that can drive traffic to your site and help you get search engine rankings. This list goes far beyond basic services others offer where they only set you up with accounts on a tiny handful of sites. We’ll set up each account and take hundreds of specific steps to get those accounts rankings.

Video Marketing

If you already have a video or want to create one yourself, we’ll take the video you’ve made and distribute it on over 30 different video promotion sites. Then there are hundreds of added steps that we’ll do to get these videos more traffic and ranked in the search engines.
If you don’t have a video, we’ll even create one for you.

Article Marketing

We’ll write an article related to your products or services and distribute it to hundreds of websites who are waiting to list articles from “experts” like you. This does three things: it gets you recognition as an expert on your topic, it helps build links to your website, and it brings you traffic.

Social Bookmarking

There are hundreds of bookmarking sites that you need to get your site featured in. We’ll take care of this for you multiple times every month.

Online News Media and Press Release Service

We’ll write and distribute press releases about your business and distribute them to many different online news sites. This will also bring you traffic and search engine rankings. It’s even possible you could end up being featured in Google or Yahoo news.

Email and Autoresponder Marketing

The use of email marketing is a cornerstone of every successful business that we have started. We’ll help you get this set up and write your first 5 email messages for you.

Timing and Knowledge

A very important part of all this is what order we deliver these services in and how fast we do them. We have learned that if you do them out of order, do them too slowly, or especially if you do them too quickly, the search engines DO NOT like this. It can actually hurt your traffic or even get you a search engine penalty in which they block you from the first page of results. We’ll deliver this work in just the right order and spread them out at just the right speed.

Each month, we provide just the right mix of all the above mentioned services (and a few more special actions we don’t talk about).

Pay-Per-Click (AdWords) Management