Social Media has completely changed the entire landscape of the Internet. Did you know that Facebook recently bypassed Google as the website  with the most visitors?

Yes, more people now visit Facebook than Google!

The largest “evolution” in Online Marketing has been the literal explosion of Social Media on the web. And with the advancement of  smartphones people are able to communicate, share experiences and review businesses instantly all over the world.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIN and many other Social Websites are today’s connecting grounds for people all over the world.

And this is good news for your business if you know how to use this vast meeting ground.

Referrals and word of mouth are the most powerful methods of business building there are. And Social media now enables you to build networks far large, more active and more effective than ever before.

Imagine tens of thousands of customers that you can contact instantly about a “special promotion” or “sale” you are having.  Imagine the number positive reviews these new customers can give you. and the number of their friends that they can refer to you!

The numbers are staggering.

Did you know that CEO Bill McIntosh has videos on YouTube with over 500,000 views?

Did you know that he has over 40,000 followers on Twitter reading his tweets everyday?

You too can benefit from the know-how that McIntosh Marketing can provide you regarding Social Media.

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