Bill McIntosh has built McIntosh Marketing as one of the early digital and online marketing entrepreneurs. Bill started doing business online in 1998, just two years before the infamous dot com bust. And even though many were losing investment money and walking away between 2000 – 2002, Bill was one of those marketers who saw the true potential of the internet, once the storm and speculative investors had vanished.

Since that time, Bill has directed his company to building over 1,000 web sites for himself and his clientele, which has in turn helped to generate an estimated 20 million dollars in revenue.

Bill is an on-hands manager, conducting the weekly staff meetings himself, ensuring the quality of the services that his company delivers to clients from all over the world. Bill is a result-driven executive who demands creative, yet productive personnel to excel client expectations

For his creative and innovative work in web marketing, Bill has received enormous recognition and a worldwide following, evidenced by his over 47,000 followers on Twitter (December 2010), in addition to his videos on YouTube being viewed over 650,000 times.

Bill’s most recent venture involves helping thousands of people learn how to successfully start & run an Internet business from home. He kicked off his entry into the Internet marketing training & software niche with the launch of Contest Burner the viral online contest software. Contest Burner has sold thousands of copies & jumped into the top of the ClickBank Marketplace. Bill has now partnered with industry leaders Matt Gill & Eric Louviere to offer high end training & live events that teach people every aspect of having a successful Internet businesses.

Bill is currently authoring his upcoming book: “Beyond Keywords: The Truth About Internet Marketing.” Bill explains the common sense basics about how to properly promote any business online while avoiding the false hype and bad advice that exists in the field of Internet marketing.

Bill lives in Orange County, CA, is married and has two wonderful boys who have a passion for online gaming, sports & science.