Marsha McIntosh – Chief Financial Officer

Marsha been working in the field of finance for over 30 years. She has started companies as an entrepreneur and worked in a wide range of companies, holding such positions as CEO and  executive officer. The companies that she helped to direct and build  ranged from a construction company to a  publishing company which published a monthly magazine.

Marsha has been working with Bill McIntosh for the last 12 years as the CFO, helping to build one of the most dynamic on-line marketing companies in America.

Carlos Gamez – Business Development Manager

Edwin Dearborn – Chief Brand Officer

A twenty-four year veteran of marketing and business development, Edwin’s passion and expertise has allowed him to coach hundreds of CEO’s, Dr.’s, CPA’s, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Whether as a seminar leader or coaching people on a one-on-one level, Edwin has now recorded over 40 million dollars in revenue generated from his programs and personal management.

Edwin began his career at 20 at a family owned business in Irvine, California. Within the first year, they exceeded one million dollars in sales. Shortly after that Edwin went to work as an executive at an advertising firm in Orange County, California working with companies and corporation, locally and abroad, furthering his on-hands knowledge in advertising, branding and sales.

For the last twenty years, Edwin has worked in the non-profit sector helping numerous humanitarian organizations to generate millions of dollars for projects that directly contributed to relief efforts such as 9/11, Katrina, tsunami victims and other disasters.

Scott Elkin – Chief Technology Officer

Scott has been Microsoft Certified Programmer for over 13 years. He got his start consulting Fortune 500 companies and continued through the dot com bust. Always willing to to use the best tools for the job, he recently began using and writing a lot of non-Microsoft tools and software. He has personally built over 250 websites, helped and updated thousands, and integrated with hundreds of different web services. You can catch him speaking at a WordPress conference this year.

Lance Williams – Director of Quality Control

Samantha Montano – Director of Customer Relations

Erica Falke – Director of Promotion & Marketing

Erica is a professional artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University. Her work as a fine artist has been featured in several galleries in New York City and abroad.

Erica is highly skilled and proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. Pro designer, web design, video editing, motion graphics, print graphics, logos and branding. Erica has been an web marketing exec for 5 years now, bringing innovation and design into a powerful synergy for all our web designs and marketing programs.

Louise Garrett – Director Administration & Finance

Frederic Thom – Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Brenna Peabody