Can you guarantee me that my site will be on page 1?

No, and anyone who does is a potential fraud. You should stay away from them. Google themselves specifically state: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” & “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings”

McIntosh Marketing has a 96% success rate in getting our clients on page 1 on the IMPORTANT words and phrases. Almost anyone can get your site on page 1 on less important words and phrases that results in low sales. McIntosh Marketing works industriously to rank your web site on page 1. This is based on the first aspect of our marketing process: Market Research.

McIntosh Marketing uses two vital aspects that most web marketing companies and designers do not do at all or skimp on. The first is extensive keyword research. This is not just finding a dozen of the top words. A high school student could do that. We find the hundreds of variations of phrases and words associated with those key words. In the web industry these phrases are referred as “long tails”. When it comes to finding and using these, this is where our expertise shines. Secondly, we investigate your competition that is ranking high and “reverse engineer” their success. In other words, we take who is ranking on page 1, find out why, and then build those successful actions into your web site.

I am a referral based business. Why would I need to use internet marketing?

Numerous studies and articles who that the majority of referrals check out someone’s web site as a final step in determining whether or not to do business with someone. A person may get several referrals and then, based on their own independent research on the web, come to their final decision with whom to do business with.

In today’s world, your web site is now a crucial part of the referral process.

Case in point – A USA Today article (27 January 2010) found that 61% of people research their medical condition on the web. Those doctor’s that are more active in that dialogue on the web are more likely to attract those people as new patients. 24% of Americans read blogs.

Your web site, your blog and social media are now a vital part of how people refer others to your business.

Can internet marketing really boost my number of referrals?

Without question. Word of mouth, the most favored and important method on how the majority of people do business, has gone towards internet as a vehicle for research, sharing and thought leadership.

According to a 2007 study  by BIGresearch, 47% of people give their advice on-line concerning products and services that they have recently purchased. Almost half of your clients will give word of mouth reviews on what they have purchased and from whom via the internet and social media.

In fact, if you do not have a user friendly web site and if you are not using social media, you are not only getting in your own way, you are making it more and more difficult for your exiting clientele base to share your business with their friends and family.

I’ve never needed to depend on internet marketing. Why now?

The world is changing and it is changing fast. And along with those changes are the habits of how we do business. An effective web site is no longer a luxury but an absolute must for any business that wants to stay relevant, reach a larger audience of potential clientele and make their revenue goals. Here is a selection from an article from E-Commerce News:

“The Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study indicates that a whooping 94 percent of online shoppers now conduct research prior to making a purchase.  Furthermore, the study revealed that 61 percent of those polled rely on search engines more than any other online shopping resource, ahead of coupon sites (35 percent), retailer emails (29 percent) and online product reviews (24 percent).”

What type of results can I expect?

The results that we obtain depend on some critical factors that we do not control:

  1. Your own sales goals and marketing budget. Some businesses have more to spend, or have a larger network of sales people.
  2. The industry that is being marketed. Some industries are very exclusive and only cater to a small group of potential clientele.
  3. The competition level within that industry.
  4. The current pricing for what you are offering. Some industries and products are more profitable than others.

The key is to understand these factors and establish your desired sales and revenue goals. From that goal, we can then go backwards and work out the steps necessary to hit that target. We must have a target and a goal in mind, otherwise it is like traveling with no destination in mind and we get lost and frustrated.  Internet marketing is the of the most effective methods for attracting new business and generating a higher level of sales.  When it is done right, like we have been doing for twelve years, you can expect a higher level of sales and profits.

I already have a web site. Why would I need your services?

Here’s the key question to ask yourself: Are you happy with the level of sales and profits that are being generated from your web marketing?

If you are completely satisfied with the amount of sales and profits that you are generating from your web marketing, then there is no need for us to do business. But if you are not happy with your level of sales and profits, then we need to look at what can be done to rectify this matter immediately.

You are in business for only one reason: To make great profits. Of course, it takes a lot of effort along many different areas, but without effective sales and marketing, you will not stay in business. Or at best, you will stay in business and struggle.

If you want to make your web site a hot source of sales leads and revenue, and you are not happy with the level of either, then McIntosh Marketing specializes in developing web sites and search engine optimization programs that take your sales and revenue to amazing new levels.

Can I see some web sites that you have already produced?

Absolutely. We are proud of our web sites and the results that they are achieving for our clientele. Due to privacy issues, please call one of our representatives and they will provide you with that information. Please call 1-877-797-6825 today!

I really like my existing web site. Why would I need to change or update it?

There can be several reasons, but the most important is your web site generating enough leads and revenue?

Some companies want a new web site so that they have the latest look and include all the tools that are now available. For instance, we find that many web sites do not have a blog. Blogging is a vital and important step in attracting new people to your web site as well as increasing its rankings with search engines. McIntosh Marketing has found that almost 90% of the web sites that already exist are either:

  1. Outdated, not taking advantage of all possible methods of optimization.
  2. Do not perform well in generating new business and revenue.
  3. Are confusing, thus losing people versus converting them into new clientele.

When one or more of these factors exist, we recommend that just like a broken car, you get it fixed.

I am a “brick and mortar” business. Do I really need to use Social Media?

Only if you want more clientele and higher sales. You need to make it as easy as possible to get referrals. Social media is a proven, powerful tool in generating referrals as well as reaching a broader audience to sell. Facebook and Twitter are powerful and useful tools in not only reaching new people, but keeping your name in front of past clients. Customer loyalty is not what it used to be. You have to keep your name in front of people and social media is probably the most cost effective ways to achieve that.

When you do your homework, you will discover that social media presence is a vital and necessary tool to reaching and maintaining your sales and revenue goals. If all Fortune 500 companies and your competitors use social media, then so should you!

In the past, I have hired supposed “experts” who failed to give me the results I expected.   What makes McIntosh Marketing different from the rest?

Unfortunately, we see this much too often. On the behalf of McIntosh Marketing, we would like to apologize for the unethical behavior of some of the people that tout themselves as internet “experts” and “gurus.”

McIntosh Marketing has been in business for 12 years, has built over 1,000 web sites and helped to generate over twenty-million dollars in revenue as a result. We survived 9/11, the “” bust and even the recent recession. We have continued in business and expand over all those years because of the effective results we deliver and a high customer service ethic to our customers needs. You do not survive that long, under those circumstances and expand, without doing something right.

How much do you charge?

This all depends on the need of the client. The important factor is that we work with you to develop what you need at a value that will generate you revenue well in excess of the price. Again, this is not to avoid the issue. There are so many factors in determining price that it really takes a one-on-one interview to develop a proper pricing structure that is well within your budget.