Google, Bing & Yahoo,you must SEO for them!

Google’s recent changes in their search results are a prime example of why a local (not only small) businesses must be taking all the SEO actions considered as best practices in the industry.

With every “evolution” that comes about in the world of online marketing there are a new “breed” of online marketing “experts” (Uhh hhmm) that emerge and proclaim themselves the keepers of the secret keys to your online success.

Yeah, whatever!

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Goodbye Dear Long Tail, We’ll Miss You

Google’s new “look what we can do” instant search has just killed the Long Tail.

Now that search results show up as you are typing, it’s going to become progressively more rare that a searcher will search an entire phrase such as “credit card application for people with bad credit”, as once they hit “credit card app” they’ll most likely find all they need from national brands, advertisers and well-ranking, dominating sites.

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Local Marketing News: Will OC Warm Up To AOL Patch?

Local marketing in OC and nationally is about to be explored by AOL Patch, in an attempt to rise from their merger debacle with Time Warner, Inc, which AOL broke from in 2009. I am sure you remember all the free AOL CDs in the 90’s. AOL became how most American’s got onto the internet originally. Service problems and bad business dealings soon found AOL with the status of D.O.L. in the minds of many of their past customers.

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