Internet Business is Thriving! What Recession?

Is there a space where the recession isn’t laying waste to every business around?

Is there a land of hope and plenty in this virtual financial dust bowl of the economy?

Yes! It is the land of milk and honey called the Internet.

Look at these stats:

Netflix Third-Quarter Profit Rises 26% on New Users*

“Netflix Inc, the mail-order and online movie-rental service, reported third-quarter profit rose 26 percent as the pace of new subscriber additions accelerated. The shares surged.

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US Online Advertising Reaching New Record

According to IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report, online advertisers spent more than 12 billion in the first 6 months of 2010, making it a new record.

The growth is mostly attributed to a return of display advertising and, more particularly, video advertising and sponsorship. PPC advertising enjoyed an 11% increase, still representing about half of all online advertising spending. With more businesses turning to online advertising, online competition will obviously increase, which makes professional PPC management more essential than ever.

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Rising Online Advertising Alternatives

With Google having slapped a lot of Adwords account lately, online marketers are now looking for new avenues to promote their websites or products. Of course, Yahoo’s Overture and MSN’s Bing are usually the first options that come to mind but because their pay per click advertising business model is similar to Adword’s, it is preferable to explore new advertising options.

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