Yahoo! Answers for Your Business

Yahoo just launched a mobile version of their Answers platform which got me thinking about how you can use this tool to help promote your business and your expertise.  A simple thought is to go to the site and answer people’s questions, thus providing value and demonstrating that you know what you are doing. You have a profile and can link to your website, which not only gives value to your website, but gives value to your business.  A better idea though, would be to look for a question someone has submitted related to your business and write a blog post about it and then link to your blog post as the answer to the person’s question.

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How To Increase Your Blog’s Ranking on Google

  1. Post to your blog everyday to increase your Google ranking. This is important because it gives your blog fresh content to be seen by the search engines. The searches that Google does to determine rankings will search your blog for changes that are made to it. Written articles and posts to your blog will trigger the automated Google ranking system that your blog is a site that is active. This will help to increase your blog’s Google ranking.
  2. Trade blog links with fellow bloggers to increase your Google ranking. Many blogs have what is called a blog roll. It is a list of blogs that the writer likes and would like their readers to check out. Being linked to a high traffic blog will help your goggle ranking in more ways then one. First, it will increase the traffic to our blog. This will increase your Google ranking just on the basis of how many people read what you write. The Google ranking searches seem to like when your blog is linked with another high traffic site.
  3. Build more links to your blog to increase you Google ranking. There are other ways to get links to your blog. You can answer questions on Yahoo answers and give a link to your blog to increase your Google ranking. A link to your blog can be placed into the resources section of the answer. Pick questions that you have written about in your blog to make a great link. Post in other forums that include topics that you write about in the blog. You can usually put a link to your blog in your signature on the blog post to increase your Google ranking.
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