June 20th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Blogging can not only be rewarding for your business and SEO ranking purposes, but it can also provide a creative release. A literary catharsis if you will for all that you are passionate about. Ultimately, any blogger has to eat and provide value for the business that employs him or her. To survive and thrive as a business blogger, depending on a sales rep salary would establish a new set of circumstances. It would develop effective blogging faster and better than any other process I know.

I believe that to be a blogger that makes a significant difference, at least for your employment purposes, is that you have to posses the ability to generate online conversions into profits. You have to know how to sell and that means closing deals, getting the person to sign the contract with money in hand. Any blogger who has the reality of having to close a deal will blog better, with more convincing copy. Otherwise, a blogger’s posts will be laden with ivory tower theories of how it should be.

Here is my blogging tip for the day: If you have not lived and breathed in the trenches of sales, having to get a person to commit to a program or close a deal, than you should get a part-time job in sales. You will find that if you learn how to connect with people in person, to such a degree that they start giving you money, that it will transform how you blog. You will see your writing take on a whole new level of reality that makes people take action.

When it comes down to it, what really determines whether or not you have found the right “hot buttons” that make a person motivated enough to make the purchase, is experience. You cannot substitute having been on the front lines, taken a few shots and seen the heat of battle in business.

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