July 6th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

In a recent conversation I was told that the person was “testing” SEO to see if it worked.

They were very serious about their project and quite set on it. I queried the them about what they meant by “testing” but received no reply.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, does work for some people and not for others and here is why:

Search Engine Optimization WORKS. If it is done correctly.

It works if the research has been done thoroughly and the program is intelligently written and if the plan is actually executed.

From my experience SEO fails because it is not truly understood to begin with.

It fails where the parties involved believe it is a lot of “tricks” and sneaky Blackhat activity only.It fails because it is not done regularly and consistently over time.

The subject of Marketing is not clearly understood to begin with and when you then add that misunderstood subject to the Internet, another grossly misunderstood subject, you get real confusion and weird strange ideas are created and spread around.

SEO…Search Engine Optimization is simply the actions you take (on the Internet) to get your business known about.  In other words it is Marketing that you do using the Internet.

Anyone can do it successfully. Anyone !

You will hear many people say things like, “I tried SEO and it didn’t work.” or “I did SEO for 2 weeks and nothing happened!”

Those are statements from people that DO NOT KNOW WHAT SEO IS OR HOW TO CORRECTLY IMPLEMENT IT.

That is the simple truth. SEO WORKS!

The apparent failure isn’t the SEO failing it is the people attempting the SEO that are failing.

It is being done by amateurs or people armed with half truths and the latest “gimmick” and no real true understanding.

Your SEO efforts have failed for two reasons:

1. You did not take the correct actions and/or

2. You did not continue the program long enough.

At McIntosh Marketing we have experts ready to execute an SEO program that will work for you.

The Internet is still growing by leaps and bounds daily and your future in business will be dictated by the actions you take online.

So my friend take effective action!

Article by Carlos Gamez
Director of Business development
[email protected]

Image by Ogimogi