May 24th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

In an earlier blog post:  Website Design SEO: 150 Visitors a Day and Only 6 Phone Calls! I mentioned designing and building a website from the point of view of what product or result was to be achieved through the use of the website and not from a strictly visual aspect.

The same concept applies to hiring the right professional group to do the website design and development work for you.

There is a belief, A false belief, in place that one’s sister’s husbands nephew is the guy to hire to design the website. After all he is in college ( and only young people understand computers, False!) and he plays video games all day long and “knows‘ computers inside and out.

He must be the guy!

The truth is that “knowing” computers does not equal having an expert understanding of the principles of marketing and an understanding of the buying habits of ones particular audience.

A college kid that spends all his time playing video games would be the last guy I hired to build my website unless of course he demonstrated to me that he was also an expert in the world of online marketing.

I would have some very pointed questions to ask him about the subject before I committed my hard earned money regardless “what kind of a deal” I was getting.

Your entire business model, sales process, audience profile, buyer search pattern etc. are tied into the design and marketing of your online business. That is why you must hire a professional service not an amateur.

The image I used to go along with this post is a humorous example of an amateur marketer. This person does not understand marketing. If he did he would never have put tree stump removal and Website design in the same promotional piece.

Remember the internet is not a magical place where no matter what kind of site you put up you somehow make money hand over fist without doing anything.

The internet is a fiercely competitive business arena
. You have to know what you are doing or you will lose. The rewards are great for those that are professionals and that attack the competitive problem with knowledge and effective action but those that play video games all day or  dig out tree stumps and then build a website every so often, well, need I say more?

Written by Carlos Gamez