June 27th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Quality dentistry is the backbone of building your practice and your brand. Quality care inspires word of mouth which is the most powerful and time-honored marketing there is for any dental practice . But how can the power of dental website marketing be utilized to take your monthly influx of new patients to a completely new level?

This is a simple, easy-to-implement list of dental marketing ideas that could literally attract dozens of high-end patients every month. Now let me be completely real. It takes some consistent work, but it is not that hard. The difficulty, really, is staying the course and being consistent. Get this – consistency with your dental website is where 95% of the dental practices fail and where the other 5% rake in the new patient income. In helping hundreds of Dentists and other professionals to market their practice, this has been the most crucial marketing discipline in local online marketing.

While there are many dental patient marketing consultants and books, there is not better way to attract new patients that to have these elements being consistently being performed by you or your staff within your own website. Most dental website designers tend to be strong on graphics but not how to how to get your pratice website actually found online. Being found is 85% of the work, in reality. Regardless of the aesthetics of a web site, it is effective to the degree that it is found by thousands of potential patients. This is where you need an effective website marketing strategy.

Blogging – Yes it works. In fact, it works well. But studies have shown that it takes about two to three dozen consistent and quality posts to have the search engines start to rank your website into a higher range. Search engines, particularly Google, have advanced software that determines your web site “brownie points” by the amount of blog postings and that you are doing them consistently. Once a week is considered the rock bottom minimum. These do not have to be sexy, just on point about what people are searching for and that are on-point.

Landing Pages – Your patients are searching for specific solutions and procedures. Done well, landing pages with a properly set up Google Ads strategy can be a major source of new leads, calls into the practice and eventually more new patients.

Online Press Releases – The search engine value of an online press release is quite high. A good web marketing agency can get these written and broadly distributed. The events or reasons do not have to be earth shattering. New employees hired on, price specials or just your participation in local community events are worthy enough to send out an online press release. Any competent internet marketing expert should be able to do this easily.

Local Search Marketing – This video illustrates some helpful tips and strategies when it comes in developing better results from your local marketing on the internet.

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