May 18th, 2010 | Scott Elkin, Technical Director

With the latest sale of for $1.75 million and for $5.5 million, I was reminded of the subject of buying domain names.

Here are our “secret” tools we use when looking for and buying domains:

The first tool to use is “whois”. Using “whois”, you can see if a domain is taken, and if so, the contact information to the person that owns it.

The second group of tools is for coming up with a unique domain name that doesn’t yet exist. Once you find a name you like, you can use whois to see if it is available.

The last group is how to buy domains that people are selling. Finding domains this way are more expensive than buying one for $10 at Godaddy or Network Solutions, but with it, you get the benefits of having a “seasoned” domain which gives you some added marketing benefit. You can sometimes find reasonably priced domains people are selling here: