Long Tail Keywords

The basic idea of the Long Tail is that you can capitalize on more specific, less competitive and less searched keywords in order to be successful.  The general idea is that you can generate say 10,000 visitors to your site, using 7,000 different Long Tail keywords as opposed to 10,000 visitors from a single term.  The Long Tail is not a specific number or a specific range.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the length of the keyword or how many words are in a keyword phrase.  It is variable and changes depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  The gist of it is, you can get close to as much, or sometimes more traffic from the Long Tail as you can get from the more general terms.  And here’s the best part: Most often, the Long Tail keywords will give you better targeted and more interested visitors.  And that means they buy more!

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