June 25th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Years back, a blog was the new social media outlet where somebody commented about their favorite restaurant. Not anymore. Businesses at all levels are discovering that the company blog can be a highly effective means of  quickly changing and publishing power content, particularly when it is coupled with a search engine friendly web design. While many businesses are working to incorporate blogs into their websites, many more are using WordPress to build their entire website.

Small businesses and many startups are discovering WordPress’ ease of use and capability to empower their SEO strategies. And it’s not just small business entrepreneurs using WordPress to build their sites. Companies like UPS and The Wall Street Journal Magazine are building advanced websites using WordPress that is driving web traffic out the roof.  And for the doubters and skeptics, just take a serious look at WordPress Showcase and tell me if you can see the difference between a website and a blog.

With your web site and blog built within one format, one is now building links to one main site versus links to a web site and then other links to a separate blog.  With WordPress, any small business can now publish original content, company news, product releases, acquisitions, reports on events and seminars, educational tips and about everything imaginable with all website link building to one domain. Your WordPress blog literally becomes your online Gutenberg Press on ginseng.

Many leading best-selling authors, bloggers and SEO experts have determined that blogging was their most succesful action in reaching people, opening doors to Fortune 500 companies, as well as the secret to success in taking their game to a higher level.

McIntosh Marketing has successfully been building hundreds of profitable websites on the WordPress format, due to its incredible capabilities, the access to blogging as well as its SEO friendliness. We cannot stress enough that your company blog and website should be built on a WordPress format.

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