How Your WordPress Website & Company Blog Becomes Your Publishing House

Years back, a blog was the new social media outlet where somebody commented about their favorite restaurant. Not anymore. Businesses at all levels are discovering that the company blog can be a highly effective means of  quickly changing and publishing power content, particularly when it is coupled with a search engine friendly web design. While many businesses are working to incorporate blogs into their websites, many more are using WordPress to build their entire website.

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WordPress 3.0 Released Today

WordPress 3.0 is now out.

Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • WordPress and WordPress MU have merged, allowing the management of multiple sites (called Multisite) from one WordPress installation.
  • You can now create custom menu’s so that is REALLY easy to change your menu’s on your site. You can add categories, tags and even posts to your site.
  • Changing your header and background is now built into the Admin area.

Marketing Accounting Services With Social Networking Web Sites

With the changing face of B2B marketing in today’s economy, coupled with new options in social networking web sites, accountants will need to adapt and utilize new internet marketing tools in marketing accountant services that they offer.

The accounting industry has been slow to embrace social networking, but Andrew Leck, who is the head of ACCA UK, views accountants taking a proactive approach in these trouble economic times. In an online article of 17 May 2010, Mr. Leck stated:

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Free Blog & WordPress Tutorial Video

For those who are just starting out blogging, or want to start, you are not alone in your quest to find your voice, as well as reach out to a growing audience of blog followers.

No other single medium is more challenging and yet rewarding. To blog successfully one must be humble and to understand the rules, written and unwritten, as well as be persistent. There is no other easy way to become successful than to simply commit to the process and be consistent in one’s writing efforts.

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A Blog Can Be Your Best Website

I know what most are thinking right now, “A blog is not a web site.”

Yes it is. In fact, for small businesses and entrepreneurs a blog really is the most ideal format in which to have your web site. But more than that, a bog as your web site puts you in control of the most important battle in web marketing: Generating original and  relevant content.

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