Best Book for Professional Bloggers, SEO Writers & Website Content Writers

You may have never heard of John Caples, but the biggest name in advertising history, David Ogilvy, considers him to be the author of the most useful book Mr. Ogilvy had ever read on the subject. In fact, it just may be the best book ever written on the fundamentals of copy writing meant to sell. That archetypal book is entitled, Tested Advertising Methods, which is now in its fifth edition.

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A Nightmare for Any Blogger: When There are No Words

Let’s admit it, there are times that no words can describe something. This is a blogging nightmare, or for that matter, the ageless curse of the writer. As a blogger, consider adding video production to your skill sets. Or at least, befriend someone who does posses video making and editing abilities.

Maybe your next purchase should not be an iPad or new Mac, but a flip camera. Maybe you need to expand your horizons as a purveyor of original content, by being, well . . . . . original.

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How Your Selling Skills Improve Your Company Blog & Marketing ROI

I have noticing a current trend in several online marketing books and blogs that I find dangerous. The idea is that your blog or article has to be only informational and does not need to sell. This is misleading and not based on historical or statistical fact.

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A Blog Can Be Your Best Website

I know what most are thinking right now, “A blog is not a web site.”

Yes it is. In fact, for small businesses and entrepreneurs a blog really is the most ideal format in which to have your web site. But more than that, a bog as your web site puts you in control of the most important battle in web marketing: Generating original and  relevant content.

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Blog Strategy With Facebook

Original content is king. For most of you this is nothing new; not at all a revelation.

But what I see very little of is the interfacing of blogs with social media; namely with Facebook. This became very clear to me the other day when I ran into a friend and we were talking about mundane stuff and she said, “Hey, I loved your blog post on Facebook.”

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Hungry Girl Wins With Original Content

Listening to the radio can sometimes pay off.

In listening to the success of Lisa, who started Hungry Girl, I was delightfully surprised to hear a key to her success; something we constantly preach at McIntosh Marketing: Original Content. While Lisa has a great idea, a wonderful message and coveys it so wonderfully on her web site,, she gained that by being an active web marketer and blogger.

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