Blog Strategy With Facebook

Original content is king. For most of you this is nothing new; not at all a revelation.

But what I see very little of is the interfacing of blogs with social media; namely with Facebook. This became very clear to me the other day when I ran into a friend and we were talking about mundane stuff and she said, “Hey, I loved your blog post on Facebook.”

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Stupid Lawn Signs

Had a great laugh, but I knew he was serious.

“What makes you guys different than those guys with the stupid lawn signs?”  I guess the pinstripe suit wasn’t quite enough to ensure the differentiation. After my chuckle, I realized that this was a key question to full address with this potential client.

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Harvard Business Expert on Social Media

It is important that everyday you are becoming a smarter, more informed social networker and internet marketer.

To re-invent a business, a brand, or even yourself in this new economy, it is vital that you stay abreast of the information and rapid changes within the world of on-line opportunities. Here is a great video to give you vital insights from a Harvard business expert. Enjoy!

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